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Babino is a childcare organization that has been active in the industry for many years. There are several Babino locations in the Zaanstad region and the Haarlemmermeer. Babino offers professional care in a familiar environment. Every child is unique and safety and reliability are paramount!

Babino is an open and flexible organization that focuses on quality and professionalism. To guarantee this quality, we are well aware that the pedagogical policy will never be finished, which is why we are constantly looking for improvement.

You can read all about Babino's working method in the pedagogical policy plan. The policy plan is based on the four competences, as they are referred to in the quality covenant of the Childcare Branch Association and the Interest Association of Parents in Childcare (BOINK). In the pedagogical policy plan we explain our vision on pedagogical action and our goals.

Link naar pedagogisch beleidsplan

Sports at after-school care

Babino believes it is important that children exercise enough, have fun and play together. A wide range of activities are offered for the children during after-school care. Our teachers focus their activities on stimulating the development of your child(ren), such as improving motor skills and social interactions. The teachers take into account the level of the children and adjust the games accordingly. The teachers encourage the children to participate in activities, which are done in groups as much as possible. Children are also challenged to bring in their own ideas and try out new games.

Sports is not just about performance! Babino wants to teach children that moving is fun. While performing the activities, fun is paramount!


Babino believes it is important that every child has the opportunity to learn to swim. That is why Babino offers swimming lessons for children from after-school care. When your child is registered at one of the after-school care centers in the Zaanstreek region, you can register your child for swimming lessons. The swimming lessons take place at Zaangolf Swimming pool in Koog aan de Zaan. The children swim via Babino on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

In our protocol 'Diploma swimming' you can read more information about how Babino can organize this for you.

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Swimming lessons from our BSO locations in the Haarlemmermeer are currently not possible.

Integrated Child Center

At various locations, we are moving towards an Integrated Child Center. An Integrated Child Center is a place where everyone works together based on one vision, one team, and one plan. Within the IKC, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and children up to the age of 13 are followed in a continuous line of development.

Together with the teachers, we align our educational programs. As a result, children transition smoothly from the childcare center/preschool to primary school. The pedagogical staff and teachers have regular consultations with each other. Everything is aimed at providing the best possible guidance to children in their development, ensuring that they are well prepared for primary education in small steps at an early stage.

Healthy childcare

Babino Childcare is an organization that is and will continue to develop. Part of this development is our policy with regard to healthy childcare. The Nutrition Policy occupies an important place in our healthy childcare. It describes, among other things, the food supply, the role of the teachers, and the guidelines regarding preparation, storage and hygiene.

Babino offers a hot meal at noon at the daycare locations. As a working parent/caretaker you have a busy life in which you want to spend as much time as possible with your children. It can be stressful for parents to prepare a healthy meal after a long day at work. With this service, the children have already had this meal at the daycare, so they can easily eat a sandwich at home.

Holidays and Closure Days

Schoolvakanties 2024

Voorjaarsvakantie 17 februari t/m 25 februari 2024
Meivakantie 27 april t/m 12 mei 2024
Zomervakantie 20 juli t/m 1 september 2024
Herfstvakantie 26 oktober t/m 3 november 2024
Kerstvakantie 21 december 2024 t/m 5 januari 2025

Sluitdagen 2024

  • Nieuwjaarsdag 1 januari 2024
  • Tweede Paasdag 1 april 2024
  • Hemelvaartsdag 9 mei 2024
  • Tweede Pinksterdag 20 mei 2024 
  • Eerste Kerstdag 25 december 2024
  • Tweede Kerstdag 26 december 2024

Sluitweek 2024

12 augustus t/m 18 augustus 2024
De volgende locaties hebben een sluitweek: BSO Assendelft Sport, BSO De Brandakker, BSO Olympia, BSO De Heidebijtjes, KDV Assendelft, KDV Ippel Stippel, KDV Zaandijk en BSO De Zoeker.

Sluitdagen Peuteropvang

  • Tweede Paasdag 1 april 2024 (maandag)   
  • Hemelvaartsdag 9 mei 2024 (donderdag)
  • Tweede Pinksterdag 20 mei 2024 (maandag)  

De peuteropvang is tijdens alle schoolvakanties gesloten.